How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Garden

As the sweet corn, tomatoes and strawberries ripen in your garden, you don’t want the bugs to set up their dinner table and enjoy the feast before you do. In searching for ways how to keep bugs out of your garden, you don’t want to replace one problem with another, so using chemical pesticides is the least desireable solution. But there are numerous natural ways to keep bugs at bay so that you can bring in your harvest unscathed.

Bugs tend to breed wherever there is standing water, so take a quick walk around your garden area to make sure that no rainfall has collected in pots, buckets or other surfaces. Eliminating pools of water won’t enable larva how to prevent garden pests and diseases 4 300x204 How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Gardenbreeding there to developing into insects to trouble your garden. Mix up a natural dry insecticide powder by blending sifted flour with black pepper and sift this over and around garden plants to keep insects at bay.

Mix up a batch of your own natural insecticide by blending several teaspoons of mild liquid dish detergent in a gallon of warm water. This can be sprayed directly onto plants or on the ground surrounding your crops and is especially effective at keeping spider mites and aphids away from your plants. To keep fleas away from outdoor gardens, sprinkle diatumaceous earth, a powdery white mixture of crushed shells onto the ground. The fleas will eat and mixture and die.

For a good natural defense against ants and spiders, blend whole wheat flour, buttermilk and warm water and put into a spray bottle. Spray this mixture around the base of your growing plants.

Another way to keep bugs out of your garden which is not only effective but also colorful is to plant a border of marigold flowers around the perimeter of your garden.


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